GeoSAS is a solution that runs on various platforms to provide the solution with full accessibility and flexibility


GeoSAS is easily integrated with core business applications such as subscriber management, hydraulic modeling, Scadas …., since it is built on the core GIS technology of ESRI platform with SOA.

Success Stories

What our clients say

Thanks to GeoSAS, to its customizability and scalability, we have managed to optimize and simplify workflows, obtaining a better logic and transparency in our work process. In addition, we maintain a very dynamic, productive and close relationship with the team of Tracasa.
Alberto Provencio, Gestagua
With Geosas we have taken a step further in the daily operation set of the networks. We have optimized processes which has brought significant savings in time and cost.
Apemsa, Apemsa
The corporate GIS converted our network maintenance department geographic data to cross-cutting data for the whole organization, even for our customers. When the corporate GIS allowed us to integrate these data with those of other departments we got a full, operating and company-customer information frame, of easy access and understandable even for those who are not specialists. This made the planning easier for us and improved the quality of the service to our customers.
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