The contract between Tracasa and APEMSA, the company that manages the water supply to Puerto de Santamaría (Cádiz), will involve the implementation of new GeoSAS functionalities in the company from Cádiz. In this way, APEMSA shows its confidence in the solution GeoSAS as its GIS tool for the management of water networks, by incorporating new features not covered in the initial contract. This new service will run for three months.


GeoSAS is a multiplatform, modular, open and interoperable GIS solution designed for the optimal management of water supply and sanitary sewers networks. At present, GeoSAS provides its services to three companies, Gestagua, Apemsa and Water Community of Pamplona, providing them with geographic information systems for management of the water of about 70 municipalities, with a population served of more than 800,000 inhabitants. With the won contract with Emalcsa, this figure will reach the amount of 1,100,000 inhabitants.

Tracasa is a leader company in software engineering and territorial information systems.

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