The GeoSAS desktop client provides an environment for advanced and expert users. The desktop client incorporates tools and functions that have been designed to help improve productivity and to facilitate daily operations for the management and maintenance of water supply and sewage networks.

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Specific tools for water management

  • Calculation of advanced cutting polygon, second order, where you can choose network elements that do not participate in it.
  • Sanitation profile, water tracking functionality, zoning, inventory calculation, network assessment calculation and statistics…
  • Specific/customizable rules on topology
  • CAD net manager, DTM manager, attached document manager …

Smart Edition

  • Tools simplifying the digitizing process, versioning, lock and identification of editing areas.
  • Advanced Management of the table of contents (TOC), customized snapping and agile-editing mode.
  • Customized presentation of the attribute inspectors and dependent field management.
  • Automation for recurring operations, water utility connections manager, automatic orientation of elements, attribute inheritance.

Control and error correction

  • Automatic Consolidation
  • Fully customizable validation environment.
  • Quality tools for information provided by third parties

Environment in continuous development and improvement

  • Implementation of standards-based technologies which enable the use of advanced desktop tools in web based environment.
  • Bulk editing tools and dynamic menus for commonly used tools.
  • Dynamic and editable Sanitation Profile
  • Capacity to port data for use with simulation tools: MOUSE, WaterGems, Epanet…
  • Infrastructure Management

Other Services

GeoSAS Web, incorporates a lightweight version of the GeoSAS Desktop tools, specifically built for Web browser environments. The tools developed for this environment, incorporate functions that are vital for daily GIS operations related with the management of water supply and sewage networks. Functions provided with GeoSAS Web include polygon cutting, water tracing and profile calculations, incident management, maintenance (online editing), leakage management, downloads for different file formats… as well as standard GIS navigation and browsing functionality.

GeoSAS Mobile makes available geographic information in all kinds of mobile devices of different technology platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows terminals. The vast majority of GeoSAS Web functionality is available through the viewfinder.

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