GeoSAS Mobile is available for iPad, IPhone, Android and Windows based mobile devices. Specially tailored forms allow for both the editing and collection of field data, enabling operators to access and maintain database information in real time..

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Harness mobile devices geo-positioning capacity.

Standards based Architecture

The software architecture used for the design and development of GeoSAS, is based on the use recognized open technology standards. This allows us to continuously evolve and improve GeoSAS in an established and stable environment, and the capacity to address customer needs in a reliable, efficient and timely manner.

This architecture and the use of standards has also enabled us to continuously support and provide functionality for different mobile device platforms as they emerge on the market (iPad and iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and Windows).

Variety of functionalities

Ability to access almost to all the features available in GeoSAS Web.

Other Services

GeoSAS Desktop is the desktop solution that is proposed for use by your organization technicians and administrators.

GeoSAS Web is a lightweight professional environment, accessible from any browser. It implements the most important functions to aid decision making in daily operations as cutting polygons, tracking water, job, leakage management, incidents, maintenance (online edition), fleet tracking, downloads in different formats.

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