Project description

APEMSA manages the water supply to El Puerto de Santa María, which is one of the main tourist centres on the area of Cadiz.

GeoSAS team collaborates with APEMSA since 2010 to provide its technicians with GeoSAS technology.
Since the first data model customization made by GeoSAS team and technicians of APEMSA, the chemistry between both emerging from the illusion, the work and the determination to making this project a success, has allowed both sides to benefit from the store of knowledge brought together by all their technicians.

The data migration was performed from the old system GRED to the GeoSAS platform and allowed to construct a data repository on a DB2 database. These data are maintained by GeoSAS Desktop and are horizontally displayed through GeoSAS Web.

What our client says

With Geosas we have taken a step further in the daily operation set of the networks. We have optimized processes which has brought significant savings in time and cost
Apemsa, Apemsa