Project description

MCP manages public water utilities (supply and sanitation), collection and treatment system for urban waste, local urban transport, taxi services and the Pamplona Area River Park, serving a population of approximately 350,000 inhabitants.

TRACASA has been collaborating with MCP since 2006, in the implementation and development of its corporate GIS.

The team of Tracasa, through the guidance of the technicians of SCPSA (Services of the District of Pamplona, SA, company managing MCP), designed the data model and the tools required for the GIS of water supply and sanitary sewers networks and their infrastructure.

This application, called SARE was implemented in September 2008, forming the GIS water system needed for the planning, operation and maintenance of water supply and sanitation infrastructure in the region of Pamplona.

SARE is a precursor to GeoSAS, and its development is due in no small part to the technical knowledge and experience in water management of MCP, which has focused its geographic information system as an essential support to ensure the quality of public services provided in its region, to successfully manage large amounts of information with a clear geographical component.

What our client says

The corporate GIS converted our network maintenance department geographic data to cross-cutting data for the whole organization, even for our customers. When the corporate GIS allowed us to integrate these data with those of other departments we got a full, operating and company-customer information frame, of easy access and understandable even for those who are not specialists. This made the planning easier for us and improved the quality of the service to our customers.