What is GeoSAS?

GeoSAS is a modular GIS solution developed by TRACASA, for the management of water supply and sanitary sewer networks.

GeoSAS provides a set of configurable tools that are offered for both the desktop and Web environments and are also available for use on mobile devices.

The ongoing design and development of GeoSAS, is based on a continuous evolution of the software, driven by the needs defined by different customers within the water supply and sewage network management industry. GeoSAS is an open, configurable and scalable Software Package that can be tailored to address the evolving needs and challenges faced by customers within the industry.

What does GeoSAS offer:

Technology for migrating your data
Technology that ensures the quality and reliability of your information.
Tasks Automation
With GeoSAS Desktop and GeoSAS Web your organization will have the tools to facilitate and optimize its daily operations.
Fieldwork Platform
GeoSAS Mobile is designed to carry to the field in your hand the data and tools you use in your office, but with the optimal interface for the specific task and the device used.
Tools to facilitate and enable decision-making
Integration with other information to obtain a complete control panel and manage resources in a comprehensive and more effective way.

How does GeoSAS work:

GeoSAS Platform.
GeoSAS is built on ESRI ArcGIS platform. Thus it benefits from third parties contributions and the latest developments of ESRI product.
GeoSAS Tools.
With GeoSAS Desktop, GeoSAS Web and GeoSAS Mobile your organization will have the tools necessary to facilitate and optimize its daily operations.
GeoSAS provides a set of, three platform specific modules. The first module is for DESKTOP CLIENT based environments, a second is for WEB based browser environments, and a third is for MOBILE DEVICE browser environments.

GeoSAS is built to grow
  • It uses GIS development standards and its architecture is based on services (SOA).
  • It uses the latest technology trends, web viewer based on Javascript, HTML5 …
  • GeoSAS suits the characteristics of your organization.

Our Customers

Customer logos: Apemsa, MCP, Gestagua and Emalcsa

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