The Tracasa team’s experience within the consulting and GIS world exceeds 25 years. Within this team there is a group of highly skilled professional technicians who designs, for a long time, a set of applications developed specifically for the consulting and analysis of water networks.

Tracasa offers a consulting service aimed at improving the productivity and profitability of your organization and that of your customers.

Consulting is a thorough process that is conducted at various levels (hardware, data, services, business rules, customers, etc..), capturing at each one of the levels, all of its different case studies, and analyzing the current and future needs of your organization.

The purpose of this consultancy is to capture customer requirements at various levels (technical, functional, etc..), with this in mind project key points that require more effort are identified, objectives are defined, different business approaches are studied according to what level is being examined and in general, the basis for full and smooth GeoSAS integration within your organization are established.

Through the consultancy process the project definition is accomplished optimally at all development stages to its final implementation, thus achieving a development and implementation of GeoSAS specific to your company ensuring its success.

Through this consultancy, water sector-specific, you can significantly reduce costs for your organization and improve the service to your customers , since it allows you to identify the critical points of the project and address them with extensive guarantees of success.

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