GeoSAS has two complete and versatile models based on the experience of expert technicians with extensive knowledge of the business. This would allow your organization to start working from the outset with GeoSAS.

Both models have already been implemented with success and have evolved with several prestigious customers in Spain.

Tracasa team, however, is conscious of the fact that the data model will differ for every customer and it must be customized.

Therefore, GeoSAS data models are flexible, configurable and customizable and can be adjusted to your organization specific needs while benefiting from the implementation experiences in other organizations.

The GeoSAS models are based on ESRI ArcSDE data architecture and can be integrated on any corporate database (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.) and they are fully compatible with the data model of ArcGIS for Water Utilities.

GeoSAS offers a specialized data repository to meet the diverse water networks (supply and sanitary sewers) including any component forming the networks (pipes / sewer pipes, valves, connections, pumps, tanks, etc) and may be extended with additional elements for a more in-depth analysis. Each component of the data model includes a development designed for optimizing maximum functionality and intelligence of our model, including a multitude of functions and triggers providing users with powerful analysis capabilities and an assisted edition with the aim of making the user work easier while integrating various automated checks to ensure optimum data quality with minimal user effort
GeoSAS has an administration manager to configure the behavior of each one of the elements that make up GeoSAS model, enabling a great deal of flexibility adjusting GeoSAS architecture to the customer needs. This gives a high degree of customization allowing, among other things, changing the name of each one of the elements, removing a part of the model, extending it with additional elements or modifying its behavior to fit the user’s specific case. Additionally various configurations can be stored and the configuration that better fits our needs can be applied at every moment.

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