The Tracasa team takes care of every single detail of installation, configuration and testing of the implementation of GeoSAS to:

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the system on your organization´s facilities.
  • Ensure the quality in the delivery of the final product.
  • Ensure the attainment of a stable and mature product that has been tested in depth.

When it comes time to install GeoSAS, you will receive a detailed deployment phased plan that will be validated with your technicians. This allows for deploying each one of the modules, configure its behavior and test it both individually and the connection between different modules.

GeoSAS is flexible and customizable in order to enhance its full integration into your organization business architecture as much as possible. Evidence of that is that GeoSAS has been integrated into a range of multiple operating environments drastically different from each other, both in terms of hardware / software, as well as at rules and functionality.

GeoSAS is configured in a modular way offering a set of mutually connected applications which allows GeoSAS to customize your set-up as needed on each one of the levels. A powerful administration interface is available and allows us to adjust its functionality to your needs. Examples of this adjustability includes the data model modification capabilities, to enable the functionality of each of the elements as we wish, the web viewer custom setting, integration with other applications, the ability to create profiles and user groups to assign specific functionalities , etc..

For an optimized integration and to prevent any conflict GeoSAS uses Service-Oriented programming offering a robust standalone architecture. This ensures full integration in SOA architecture what make it easy for other applications to interact.

It should be noted that the GeoSAS development process comes with a considerable battery of tests developed from the large experience gathered during 15 years in the water business, which allows us to validate the proper functioning of each module and its integration into the technology platform in your organization, including unit, integration and acceptance criterion testing.

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