Tracasa’s team has all the tools and the knowledge to implement GeoSAS replacing your existing information system, regardless of the format or state of your data.

TRACASA implements proven tools and techniques that have been developed by in-house by expert technicians of Tracasa, with CAD and GIS developments, so that your organization will be able to migrate all your current information to GeoSAS securely and efficiently. Additionally, this process ensures the quality of the graphic and alphanumeric data entered in GeoSAS

This methodology allows you to fulfill the tool´s full potential from the first day of installation.

Service Features:

  • Customized: Tracasa approaches every migration in a customized way and works in close cooperation with your technicians to meet your specific needs.
  • Experienced: Tracasa has already implemented the GeoSAS system on multiple clients, each presenting a different initial system (GRED, AutoCad files, Shapes, etc). Therefore, the Data Migration Service has been enriched by the different cases found.
  • A team of specialists: Your organization will have the advice and support of a team of technicians of Tracasa, specialized in GIS system migration to the new GeoSAS system.
  • Unique methodology: The unique data migration process achieves GeoSAS full effectiveness from the first day of loading data in the new geodatabase. This methodology includes an analysis of previous data, the new Geodatabase design, configuring the load tool, checking and final load.
  • CAD systems support: Tracasa specializes in adapting CAD environments to the new requirements of GeOSAS, allowing your technicians to keep on working with your existing system until the date on which GeoSAS is implemented.

Download the technical documentation

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