Tracasa team, given its experience in this field, is mindful of the fact that the adoption of a platform does not end with the deployment of new tools and user training. On the contrary, one of the most important tasks for GeoSAS implementation team is to make sure that users feel safe and supported during and after the process.

So, along with a customized and continuous training, we make sure to make a temporary support to answer the questions that arise during the first steps until your organization is able to manage the system with independence and competence.

The support offered is performed at different levels:

  • User support. Support for GIS manager technicians to solve any query that arise in the course of their work.
  • GIS administration and security support.
  • Overall technical support on GIS related work processes.
  • Support to the configuration and maintenance of the system

Tracasa has specialized tools and skilled staff dedicated to support.

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