GeoSAS Web incorporates a lightweight version of the GeoSAS Desktop tools, specifically built for Web browser environments. The tools developed for this environment, incorporate functions that are vital for daily GIS operations related with the management of water supply and sewage networks. Functions provided with GeoSAS Web include polygon cutting, water tracing and profile calculations, incident management, maintenance (online editing), leakage management, downloads for different file formats… as well as standard GIS navigation and browsing functionality.

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Open standards

The software architecture used for the design and development of GeoSAS, is based on the use recognized open technology standards. This allows us to continuously evolve and improve GeoSAS in an established and stable environment, and the capacity to address customer needs in a reliable, efficient and timely manner.

This architecture and the use of standards has also enabled us to continuously support and provide functionality for different mobile device platforms as they emerge on the market (iPad and iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and Windows)

Advanced Management

For organizations with several subsidiaries or divisions, we provide the possibility of incorporating an integrated graphical interface that allows users to view integrated or continuous information for all or any part of the subsidiaries and divisions. Access to information is managed via a user access system based on roles and groups.

Extension of the viewfinder graphical information

Possibility to integrate external data (adding WMS, loading of user-created thematic layers) and with different base maps (local maps, orthophotos, Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap).

Customization Extensions

Supply Management, Sanitation, Leaks, Loading of external maps, etc. GeoSAS, can be easily customized and extended allowing for access to, and or integration with other operational systems (fleet management, sample maps, incidents, water quality, etc.)

Other Services

The GeoSAS desktop client provides an environment for advanced and expert users in your organization (technical experts, administrators, etc…)

GeoSAS Mobile makes available geographic information in all kinds of mobile devices of different technology platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows terminals. The vast majority of GeoSAS Web functionality is available through the viewfinder.

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